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Souji Seta
[ Hello, Johto! It looks like a fine day out today! Fair weather, nice sunshine, everything great to go outside in! It will not be a surprise to see that a lot of Pokemon are outside-- running and playing --taking advantage of the nice afternoon. With Johto's strange and sudden changes in weather, it is always best to take the time and go outside before it gets too cold or hot.

However, that's not these three Cleffas are doing.

Inside Goldenrod's Department Store, one might run across this small costume aisle-- one specifically just for Pokemon --and perhaps see three little Cleffas, trying on different costumes; tuxes, devils, other Pokemon, hearts, all that! While this is happening, three little Pokegears lie on the ground nearby, recording them. Each one of those gears belonging to each one's trainer. Well, they gotta record themselves putting on these costumes, right?

They continue to change through costumes until they find a nice themed one! In just about a few seconds, these three are no longer just Cleffas, they are...

The Cleffamigos. ]

[ The three of them begin to dance around, quite satisfied with their new costumes. Hope you don't mind watching the three amigos having their party though if you listen just verrrrrrry carefully... You just might hear three trainers- Rise, Souji, and Yosuke -looking for their little Cleffa trio. ]

(( OOC: Kia is held responsible for starting this madness and she held a gun to my head to do this OH MY GOD HELP ME SHE FOUND OUT OH GOD SHE'S COMING CLOSERAS;LDFASLKDWAFLIJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ

--I mean, you can tag this with your own Pokemon to talk to the Cleffamigos, have your character find them in the department store, have your character help Rise, Souji and Yosuke find their Cleffas, or have your characters speak via gear where both Rise, Souji, or Yosuke will reply to after thirty minutes!

Yosuke may or may not reply due to hiatus, and Souji tags will be slow due to I also being on hiatus and still sick 8'C ))
Souji Seta
02 May 2011 @ 03:46 am
[ It's been a few days since Souji has set up his breeding centre and he has gotten it all under control. Business has been busy nowadays and lots of orders piling up, so Souji has been kinda living in the centre for a while now. Well, actually, he can kinda live there since he has an extra room upstairs with a bed, so he can just crash over there which he is kinda thinking about doing. Saves money too.

Well, besides that, Souji looks a bit tired and he is. Trying to make sure the eggs get to everyone and all that, then making sure his Pokemon are doing alright, filling out more papers, it's just a hassle. Plus, he has that egg from Easter to look after. See that egg wrapped around a scarf on the counter? Yeah, he's been trying to take care of it in the mix of everything. Pretty hard, if anyone asks him.

He gives a small yawn and takes a sip from his coffee. He really does need it nowadays and he gives a small wave to the Pokegear. ]

Hey guys.

I have centre running and business is actually going well. Got an answering machine set up now actually. If you want to order an egg, just give me a call there and leave a message. I got a bunch of eggs around here, so just give me a heads-up and I can send them your way.

If anyone is interested in doing business with me, like selling eggs too, needing a Ditto, helping around, I wouldn't mind that. Just give me a heads-up for this too and I'll be probably fine with it.

[ Honestly, any business pals will be nice. He wouldn't mind advertising other people's eggs too or anything.

He takes another sip from his coffee cup and reaches for the gear. This seems like a good place to end his little advertisement when-- Oh snap! Souji's Easter egg is hatching! Oh oh oh, Souji has to record this, so he puts down his cup of coffee and picks up the gear to record this.

The egg shines brightly for a few seconds before the Pokemon appears into-- ]


[ Souji just steps back in both a mixture of surprise and horror. O-Oh God, that Pokemon...While its a hell of a lot smaller like the size of a Charmander, it still the same kind of Pokemon from Halloween, right? It's the one that has attacked him and nearly ripped his head off, right? It just has its flesh and skin, but its structure is almost exactly the same, so it is the same, right? Right?

Suddenly, Souji isn't too sure if he feels all that safe anymore and to make it even worse, this new Aerodactly decides that it wants a hug from its "mother". ]

Wait, hold on--!!

[ Between making a choice of either trying to make sure that a 50 pound flying dinosaur doesn't break his ribs with an accidental headbutt by catching it or holding onto his gear and prevent it from a horrible crash, he'll go with the former.

The gear falls to the ground and it turns itself off. ]

Thirty minutes later

[ The gear turns back on and hello....there is now an image of Souji and a very loving baby Aerodactly attached to his arm now like its some kind of monkey. Not really the image you will think of a fearsome looking Pokemon like that and its trainer thinks he kinda agrees, especially after one has nearly killed him.

He doesn't try to get the Pokemon off but rather speak somewhat calmly to the gear. ]

...Does this Pokemon remind anyone of those skeletal ones from Halloween, mainly the one that flew around?

It's looked something like this;

[ Souji picks up a sheet of paper with his free arm and shows it to the gear. ]

[ Hey, he has improved a bit in his drawing skills than last time and don't ask why it's in yellow... That's the only colour marker he could have found with one dinosaur attracted to his arm and preventing it from crushing him... ]

(( OOC: To those who haven't seen, yeah, Souji does have an answering machine so your character can order Pokemon without having to wait for an entry from me. You can order any time at all and there is no limit! Your character can also want to sell their eggs with him so I can update the list with their stuff!

Replies to this can either be before the thirty minutes where Souji has shown the drawing or after! Tags here will be gotten to in the morning and other tags I owe, I will try to get to them asap! ))
Souji Seta
[ So, guys... Souji has finally done it. He has actually gone out and signed the papers, spoke to the officials, paid out the cash, all that. He hasn't been kidding when he has said he's been thinking about this plan-- well, maybe just a bit but he still has gone out and done it!

That's right, from this day on, Souji Seta is now the proud owner of a Pokemon Breeding Centre.

In a fine house near the entrance of Goldenrod is a centre for trainers or breeders who want to become new owners of different eggs! They can be the eggs that Souji is breeding or if they want to breed their own Pokemon, he's more than willing for them to lend out his Ditto. Heck, maybe someone might want to help him run this centre with him. Some partners will be good for this because that will mean more Pokemon and more Pokemon means more customer, right? Right. Well, it's a good thing he hasn't decided to make a sign or something for this place yet. It might not have been a great idea for him to make a sign like "SOUJI'S EGGS" if he is going to have business partners.

But enough about that, here's some eggs on screen!

Doesn't this look familiar? Souji has been doing this often, so it should be to some people!

The screen turns to face Souji who is behind a counter. He seems pretty relaxed and is dressed in normal wear despite now somewhat being on the job now. Guess this is why it's better to have one's own business.

He takes a sip out of his cup of coffee before speaking; ]

Signed some papers and rented the place for about a month so I guess I now have a breeding centre. It's right by the entrance of Goldenrod if you want to find it. Haven't really thought of a name for the place yet, so suggestions will be nice.

But anyway, I'll be selling eggs for a while now and breeding Pokemon for others if they want. Got a Ditto here that's pretty... [ A pause... How does he describe that his Ditto is a whore... ] ...willing to help out. [ Yeah, that's a good way of putting it. ]

Got a bunch of eggs right now too if anyone wants them. I'll attach a text of what I have and their prices to this. I can deliver the eggs to different cities and locations free of charge. You can buy as many as you want. I don't mind haggling for prices either.

[ Souji is super chill with this stuff. Don't have enough money? He'll give the egg to you for half price or even free depending on what Pokemon it is. ]

Some people have been interested in helping me run this centre when I've asked, so I don't mind running the business with others. I think it'll be easier that way too, so give me a heads-up if you want to.

Thanks-- [ Oh snap, wait! He has almost forgot something. He reaches over to the corner of the counter and picks up one of his business cards. He flips it over to show the gear. ] Do any of you know a "Yu Narukami" around here? I think the printing company has given me the wrong set of cards.

[ He shows the card to the screen and surely enough, there's the name Yu Narukami printed where Souji Seta should be. Oh well and the feed turns off! ]

HUGE list of Pokemon + low prices behind here!Collapse )

(( OOC: Here is Souji's egg post now! All of those who have reserved an egg can look over here. There are still a few slots open for some Pokemon if you want to claim one! No limits on Pokemon for people but just let me know that you want to take a slot! Anyone that wants to work a business of this breeding centre, let me know too!

Breeding centre is mod-approved so Souji is going to make these centres everywhere like a loser

ETA: Souji now has an automatic breeding centre answering machine so you may contact him whenever for an egg without waiting for an entry from me! ))
Souji Seta
11 April 2011 @ 08:46 pm
[From a very familiar ID, a simple text message comes instead of an usual video feed. Why? Well, that is a ~*SECRET*~ but it involves riding on a Charizard right now, attacking any bugs, and being outside someone's window...

...Very long story...]

Has anyone thought of starting a breeding centre or something?

Or being both a trainer or a breeder?

[For those who might know Souji, they can probably figure out why he's asking. After giving out at least a hundred eggs out to people, he's thinking about being at least a part-time breeder so he can at least somewhat expect the eggs to give away. Opening a breeding centre might be good too, something like that daycare but just for...well, breeding.

What else is he going to do with this Ditto? Besides, a lot of people seem interested in getting Pokemon eggs.]


If you hear something tapping your window again, open it up. You should hear it soon.

(( OOC: aaand back early from hiatus since most things got cleared up. Hello to all those new people and Souji's egg post for everyone will be the next entry after this one! ))
Souji Seta
03 April 2011 @ 01:09 am
[Today on the network, there is a very confusing entry that has been posted for everyone to see. Well, not that confusing but certainly something that someone normally will not record and yes, this is rated G.

First of all, this angle of the camera is rather quite low, almost like a Pokemon holding it which is correct! Welcome to the Buneary TV, live with a footage of its trainer's room! Whose room might this be? None other than Souji Seta, of course!

Ah, the joys of fiddling around with a trainer's Pokegear. Things can get quite boring when stuck inside all day due to the rain. So, let's see what's recording!

The camera turns onto Souji just sitting in a chair and facing the dresser's mirror with one of the most raggedy shirt you can ever find. Not as in it is filled with holes but you can tell that it's pretty worn out. It's stretched, the once dark grey colour is now just a faded light grey, and there's a thread or two loose sticking out from his sleeves or his collar. It's definitely not a shirt to keep around, so perfect for today's wonderful experiment!

Now, what is that experiment exactly?

Well, the camera turns and right behind him is the one and only Kagami Hiiragi ! That one purple haired girl that Souji has seem to be hanging out with now and then. Now, what is she doing here in Souji's room? Well, in one hand is a bottle of black hair dye and the other which is spreading said dye all over this leader's beautiful grey hair.

Needless to say, Souji doesn't seem too excited about this...]

Remind me why we're not going to the salon for this?

I told you, that place is way too expensive!

[Kagami's too Asian to actually pay those hair salons just for some hair dye. Do-it-yourself hair dye is about P1000 while getting it actually done by a professional is five times that price. Heck no, who on Earth will be willing to pay that much?

She just continues spreading the hair dye all over his scalp, slowly turning his hair into a common black colour. She doesn't seem to be minding this whole dyeing process as much.]

Isn't it best to leave it to the people who know how to do this?

I know what I'm doing! I read the instructions!

[Said instructions are crumpled and lying somewhere over on Souji's bed....

Souji just sighs and doesn't say anything much after. He just sits and stares at himself in the reflection while Kagami continues putting on the dye without a care in the world....until a few minutes later.]

Wait...are we suppose to keep this stuff off your skin?

[She suddenly stops applying the hair dye and spreading it around. The two of them freezes and an awkward silence takes over them. The only sound that can be heard is the breathing of the Buneary recording all of this right now.]



...I can feel the dye dripping down the back of my neck.

[Cue lots of flailing around now from both Kagami's and Souji's side. Mainly her trying to wipe it all off a towel and him telling her to slow down so he doesn't get any carpet burns. The camera moves up and down as the Buneary jumps around in excitement over this.]

Buneary! Buneary!!

[Kagami's and Souji's heads do a whiplash towards the camera with huge surprised looks.]

H-Hey, turn that off!

[A few seconds later, the Pokegear is in Kagami's hands and the video feed turns off.]

(( OOC: Kagami has been written into this join post with the permission of her mun, Maru! Kagami will also be tagging others in this post for double CR chances! \o\ The hair dye is also semi-permanent so it should only last for about two weeks! ))
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Souji Seta
20 March 2011 @ 07:50 pm
[Phew, finally Goldenrod. After much travelling and riding on the back of different Pokemon like a Charizard, Skarmory, Gyarados, and the such with his cousin and whoever else that has tagged along, they have finally seen the familiar Goldenrod city again.

The city still has had that smog-filled air surrounding it, busy people running around everywhere, new billboards being put up everywhere, it's exactly like how a normal big city might run. It almost reminds him of the city back home except with less people running around trying to complete missions sent to them by text messages for seven days and dealing with a fabulous boy that goes around with his little cellphone to kill Noises.

Well, same thing really.

It hasn't taken Souji long to relax once he has arrived here. After all, he has already been here before so exploration isn't that big on his list. That and travelling does tend to make a person tired, even if it has been their Pokemon that doing most work.

That's why Souji and his Pokemon are relaxing outside on a bench near the entrance of the city, just sitting there and doing nothing but trying to regain their energy. They all would have been sleeping in Souji's room, but perhaps having a Gyarados and Charizard in his room be a bad idea. Also, some fresh air will do them some good. Well, as fresh as the air can be in the industrial city. This is why they have decided to sit by the entrance of the city where they are somewhat further from all that smog.

Souji just sits on the wooden bench, legs spread out and looking up at the sky, trying to figure out just what shape that strange cloud might look after. His Charizard sleeping in a large pile next to his Gyarados behind him, inconveniencing anyone that might want to be walking down that path to only find that two large Pokemon are blocking the way. A Skarmory sits high and proud by Souji's side despite feeling exhausted. Always have to keep an eye out if anyone needs help or keep on guard! A Wartortle and Ivysaur are off to the side, arguing in some Pokelanguage about Ho-Oh knows what. Maybe who will evolve first to chill with Charizard or something like that. Oh them and their shenanigans. Finally, the last Pokemon to complete this team is a little Cleffa, one that a certain Nanako has given Souji to as an egg for Christmas. This little Cleffa is just sitting at the edge of the bench and playing with a certain Pokegear that belongs to a certain trainer and that is recording a certain scene that a certain network can all see.

Souji is a bit busy trying to figure out the shape of that dang cloud to really notice that his Cleffa is recording this to the network.

The recording continues of this relaxed party for a bit longer before one (1) gruff looking detective comes into view! Well, not really gruff, but as gruff as Dojima might look with that five o'clock shadow.]

There you are. We've been looking all over for you.

[Souji looks down from having a staring contest at the sky and sits up properly on the bench. Oh hai thar]

Oh, Dojima-san. Need anything?

[The man just shakes his head.]No, nothing really. Just...don't come back to the hotel just yet.


Is there something wrong?

I'm just teaching Nanako how to cook. I think she wants it as a surprise for you.

[It looks like awkward stare is evolving! It has evolved into confused look!] Surprise?

Yeah, she's getting excited about it.

[Another awkward silence because Souji's trying to figure out what the surprise is, but doesn't want to ask because Dojima prooooooobably wouldn't tell him. That and the man is just...standing there. Dang, and he thought the awkwardness kinda disappeared after maxing out the Hierophant social link.]

How old are you turning again, Souji?

Huh? [Sorry about that, Dojima. Souji is still kinda trying to figure out what the hell is going on.]

It's your birthday today, right? Unless Nanako and I got it wrong.


March 20th?

[SOUJI IS MINDBLOWN. Oh, um wow, that's today? He hasn't been really keeping track of the dates lately. Probably because he's been just running around and everything. Well, hurr durr. He just nods.]

Guess it is my birthday today. [A small smile though the emotion behind it is a bit uncertain.] I should be eighteen now. [Not quite legal in Japan, but legal in other countries!]

Haha, forgot all about it, huh? Well, stay here. We'll tell you when to come.

[And like that, Dojima turns to leave straight back to the hotel to attempt back at cooking with his daughter, ready to burn down the whole place-- well, maybe not completely burn it down. Just partially.

As for Souji, he just sits on the bench, completely dumbfounded. He has completely forgotten about his birthday and feels a bit...well...dumb, for a lack of a better word. It's not like he has really celebrated his birthday really big. Probably just a once or twice when he was about four or five, but other than that...they have all been really small parties or no parties due to being that loner kid. So, he doesn't really do much on it.

The little Cleffa that has been recording all of this walks up to its trainer and nudges it a bit with the camera, getting a good view of his jacket.


Well, time to try and recover from this again.]

Hey...is it normal to forget your own birthday? It looks like I just forgot mine...

Current Location: Goldenrod City - Entrance
Souji Seta
Because I don't know if I'll actually make a White Day post or something since I'm so a;lsdkfjasd lame or something. But here's a list of Valentine gifts my characters gave if you're just wondering! Even if they're guys, they still gave some out to follow ~*WESTERN*~ traditions or because Layton is not Japanese. :|

Chances are that I missed your character because I forgot and all that, so please do give me a heads up if your character isn't on the list!




Souji Seta
20 February 2011 @ 01:56 am
[Everyone knows that silent protagonists are normally known for being completely perfect, right? They can learn ten different languages, juggle around eight jobs at once, play a bunch of instruments, wield a bunch of different weapons with no prior training, good in every subject, and are just down right perfect.

Well, Souji isn't one of those protagonists.

He only knows two languages which are English and Japanese, though his English is more like Engrish but it's good enough for others to understand! He has had only three jobs that he went to once a week, being Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The only instrument that he knows how to play is the trumpet and when he means "play", he means he can play Ode to Joy on it and that's just about it. A two-handed sword is the only thing that he knows how to use and Lord help him if someone has given him two wrenches to use-- he still has no idea how Yosuke can run around beating Shadows with those things, much less Yukiko's fans. He's great in languages, but give him chemistry and he'll somehow make Mystery Chemical X. 

Ho ho, Souji's far from perfect.

There's a heck of a lot of things he can't do. Things such as throwing darts, keeping an eye on his Ditto, remembering the first thirty elements on the periodical table, and being somewhat comfortable around Magikarps. Yup, he can't really do any of those well, but that doesn't mean he completely fails at everything! He just has a lot of weaknesses that most people might now know about like that whole throwing darts business.

Oh, and he can't draw to save his life.


Well, anyway, hello and welcome to the Buneary Network! Brought to you by Souji's Buneary!

On today's video entry, this little rabbit is bouncing around with its trainer's Pokegear in hand. That might explain why everything is going up and down. Hope no one is prone to motion sickness and if so, the exit is to the left. Please make sure to throw up in the garbage cans. The janitors just hate it when they have to clean up vomit off the carpets.

Besides that, what is this entry about? Let's take a look! It seems as if the camera is moving closer and closer to Souji who is just sitting on a bench outside the Violet City's school. If anyone can really make sense of what's happening on the screen with all this bouncing around, it'll become clear that it seems like Souji is doing something in this notebook of his and he looks pretty concentrated on it! 

The Buneary hops a bit closer and gets onto the bench beside its trainer without him noticing too much, being far too concentrated on whatever he's doing. A few hops later and everyone should be able to get a good look at what's in his little notebook:]

[Yeaaaaaaah...remember when it was mentioned that Souji can't draw? He really can't. At least they're not stick figures though.

So, what got him to start drawing? Well... While teaching at that little school in Violet City, the topic that they were discussing about was about friends. A pretty simple topic for kids and it relates back to Pokemon, so why not? It was easy enough to teach, at least for Souji. That is, until one of the NPC students have suggested that they all bring in a drawing of their friends for their next day in class, meaning everyone in class should bring one.

Including the teacher, Souji...

Oh darn it.

And there you go, there's his story of why's he's drawing that horrible picture alone and not making it look like some kindergarten student drawing it. He still takes no notice of the Buneary since all he can hear is "HOW DOES I DRAWING" in his head.]



[Well, until now he finally takes notice.


Let's...try to act like his drawing wasn't all that bad...]

...Anyone have any tips on how to draw?

(( OOC: TL;DR SOUJI CAN'T DRAW SOMEONE TEACH HIM HOW TO DRAW  and tags will be done in the morning! If my tags are behind due to lj being a douche as usual, hit me up on AIM at devouragni <3 ))
Souji Seta
[So, hello there people of Johto that are watching this! 

We're sorry to interrupt your little peaceful quiet time cause do you know what this new post to the network is about? You don't? Well, just take a look!

It's your friendly neighbour hood dork leader, Souji Seta! Y'know, that one guy that tired eating berries, got attacked by a flying skeleton Aerodactyl, got the lamest Magikarp that just looooooooooove them slapping, disappeared for a week, then appearing just recently with a bunch of Pokemon eggs. Yeah, you know him right? Of course you do.

This new video feed log seems rather quite familiar actually to his last one! Wanna guess what? Alright, you got three seconds.





Oh boy! Isn't that fun? That means more Pokemon eggs to give out to other people! This time, the eggs aren't really swamping him as much, but still quite a lot! They still do take up a lot of space though! The couch, the little corner over there, by the TV, the closet, all of that! Well, at least it didn't take up the whole bed this time...just half of it.

The one other difference is that instead of just having his normal Pokemon party, he got...well, a bunch of little Pokemon that were newly hatched. There's a baby Eevee running around in circles, a baby Glameow tearing up his bed sheets, a baby Buneary hopping around, and a baby Dratini sleeping under the bed. Oh, and that Christmas baby Gible? Just eating the rest of Souji's food. Oh goddamn...So many baby Pokemon, but to be quite honest...Souji doesn't seem all that bothered.

He actually seems rather quite calm!

Why is that? Well, the first reason is that he's used to this by now. If he can handle kids at a daycare literally pulling him from all sides, he can handle a few Pokemon doing the same...kinda....good thing his diligence is maxed! The second reason might be that he's fiddling with a little thing in his hand and smiling at it. What is it in his hand? Oh, nothing, just this:

Aww yeah. He holds it up a bit towards the Pokegear.]

Finally got my first badge just earlier today. The battle went better than I thought actually.  Everyone did pretty good. Especially Izanagi.

[The Skarmory comes up beside Souji to nudge against his shoulder affectionately. Souji just chuckles and pets it.]

But anyway, that's not the reason why I'm recording right now.

Uh, as you can see, I still got a lot of eggs here actually...Not just from last batch but a new batch....

[He's kinda...looks off to the side. Still a bit embarrassed from that last batch of eggs from his Ditto going all Persona protagonist on him. Now it has done it again...]

I got some new Eevee eggs and Glameow eggs around here. There's only about ten of the Eevee eggs and about six Glameow eggs. There's actually a limit here now, so I guess first come first serve.

These eggs aren't actually all mine, so I have to charge about P2000 for the Eevees and P1500 for the Glameows. Sorry about the prices, guys. I guess if you got a Pokemon or another egg yourself, we can trade instead of the money.

I also still got a lot of eggs from last bunch, so if any more people can take them off my hands would be great. I got Charmanders, Skarmorys, Magikarps, and Smoochums.

Apparently the eggs from Ishtar aren't exactly Jynxes. They're the evolutions before it which are Smoochums. Sorry for the surprise to the guys that got the eggs. Didn't know that Ishtar was the evolved form of something.

But yeah, they're still only P100 like last time. I'm more concerned about getting all of these guys to a good home instead of money. Money really isn't all that important to me right now.

Thanks for watching, guys.

[He gives a small smile and then the feed turns off! 


(( OOC: The egg post is finally up! Those who put a reserve on the egg, the list is
here! For those who want an Eevee egg but didn't take a spot, just tag saying that you want one and Souji will say he ran out. But then he will put you on the list for the next batch of Eevee eggs! Oh, and if anyone has a Squirtle or Bulbasaur, I WOULD LIKE TO GET THEM FOR SOUJI SO BAD but other than that, he'll take whatever Pokemon or egg you offer him! ))
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